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Introduction To Psychology In An Interesting Way

Human and all living beings on earth shares some sort of psychology and the characteristics of the same are determined by the coded mode of information available from the genes called as the Genotype. The other important term and theory associated with Psychology is Phenotype referring a set of observable and measurable characteristics of the individual. Phenotype in all this mentions refers to the idea of eye color of an individual or his/her intelligence. The idea of Phenotypes setting a boundary is totally based on genes set and can be referred to the range of reactions.

Different Psychological problems

Science has registered name of different Psychological problems, in order to better know the Psychology, you should be informed with some of the common Psychological based problems in advance. Without studying these problems, introduction to Psychology and its study will be a total waste for the students interesting in the extensive knowledge.

Phenylketonuria (PKU)- The mentioned Psychological problem is associated with a person lacking an enzyme for the digestion of phenylalanine amino acid, the amino acid in such case remains undigested in the brain that results in mental retardation like condition of the patient.

Huntington’s Chorea- The mentioned disease is rare and called to be incurable in the present scenario, in the scientific term the disease is called as a neurodegenerative disorder that is a genetic disorder affecting muscle coordination and some cognitive functions.

Down Syndrome- The mentioned psychological problem is caused by extra number 21 chromosomes that lead to several problems as intense mental retardation, heart abnormalities, and thyroid related problems.

Klinefelter’s Syndrome- The problem caused by X chromosome in males leads to the incomplete development of secondary sex characteristics.

Turner’s Syndrome- The same X chromosome problem developing in women undeveloped secondary sex characteristics can later lead to mental related problems.…

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