Inquiries Regarding Reverse Phone Lookup

Websites like 800 phone database offer people the chance to search for any unregistered and unknown numbers that may have called you. Of course you’re not going to use the website on a daily basis, but in case an annoying or mysterious number keeps calling you then you know where to turn to for information regarding the number. Don’t worry, it may seem like a service that’s against the law but 800 phone database and similar websites are perfectly legal, at least within the United States; some countries have either banned or restricted the service.

Why Would People Access 800 Phone Database?

The most common reason would be to successfully identify unknown callers. The caller ID can be a nifty device, but knowing the number of the caller won’t be enough to actually identify them. But since you have the number, you can do a reverse phone lookup. Reverse phone lookups can sometime offer more information aside from the name of the caller; sometimes the related address, network company or even online reports of complaints are displayed. So regardless of the exact reason people conduct reverse phone lookups, it can be the perfect source of much needed information.

What Numbers can be Reversed?

Technically, as long as a number is under the North American Numbering Plan then it can be revered on any website like 800 phone database. A North American Numbering Plano or NANP number contains three digit area codes alongside a seven digit phone number. Landline residential numbers, wireless numbers, cellular phone numbers, business phone numbers and fax numbers have offer possibilities of being reversed. We say possibility because some numbers present more difficulties compared to others; the most difficult numbers to be reversed are the business phone numbers. Other factors also come into play regarding difficulty like the age of the telephone line and how often it’s given out.…

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